Day trip Upper Lusatia Bautzen Görlitz

Enjoy medieval architecture embedded in the enchanting Upper Lusatian hilly landscape during a day trip to Bautzen and Görlitz. You will get closer to old craftsmanship, Sorbian culture and the film set of international productions.

Day trip Wörlitzer Park Dessau Wittenberg

The day tour to the Bauhaus in Dessau and Lutherstadt Wittenberg leads to free spirits around Walter Gropius and Martin Luther, who revolutionized architecture 100 years ago and the world 500 years ago. The Wörlitzer Park provides a green break in extravagantly cultivated nature.

Day trip Burgenland Naumburg Freyburg

An hour away from the big city of Leipzig, a few castles, monasteries and idyllic small towns have made themselves comfortable on the Saale and Unstrut rivers. Many bourgeois villas and stately homes also characterize the image of our day trip to Naumburg and Freyburg as a matter of course.

Day trip Ore Mountains Annaberg Schneeberg

The Ore Mountains are a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its mining history and traditions. During the day trip to Annaberg-Buchholz and Schneeberg you will get to know regional handicrafts and experience firsthand what it means to be a miner. The views from the mountain tops into the low mountain range landscape also enrich the day trip to the Ore Mountains.

Day trip Ore Mountains Seiffen Freiberg

The Osterzgebirge has long lived on the production of wooden toys and Erzgebirge folk art. The organ builder Gottfried Silbermann also gained an excellent reputation among organists from here. The day trip to Seiffen and Freiberg will acquaint you with the filigree wooden figures and their masters, who live here seemingly secluded on the edge of Saxony.

Day trip Ore Mountains Karlovy Vary

You would not expect to find a sophisticated place like Karlovy Vary at the foot of the Ore Mountains. Thermal springs created here a refuge for the rich and beautiful. The day trip to Karlovy Vary will tempt you to walk in colonnades while tasting warm medicinal water or sweet wafers. An excursion rich in contrasts between the original Ore Mountains and the popular home of the nobility.

Day trip Vogtland Klingenthal Bad Elster

Saxony, Thuringia, Bohemia and Bavaria meet in the Vogtland. This diversity can be felt in the dialects, food, traditions and music. In Klingenthal, Markneukirchen and the surrounding area, all the instruments that an orchestra needs are made. The day tour in the Vogtland also takes us to the space exhibition or to the ski jump in the Vogtland Arena.

Day trip Chemnitz

Creative minds have advanced the industrial mass production of complex machines in Chemnitz for 150 years. The day trip to Chemnitz still leads to an industrial city in the present. However, after its complete destruction in World War II, it is in the midst of an ongoing identity crisis. Now it is trying its luck as the European Capital of Culture 2025. We are excited about the day tours to Chemnitz.

Day trip Leipzig

Leipzig is popular with many as a city of music, books and trade fairs. Perhaps the attractiveness of the city simply stems from its relaxed vitality and cosmopolitanism. The day trip to Leipzig leads from the Leipzig Neuseenland over the Monument to the Battle of the Nations to the center around the Nikolaikirche, City Hall and the famous trading houses.

Day trip Dresden

Experience a day trip to the Saxon capital Dresden. The baroque old town with the Church of Our Lady, the Residence Palace, the Semper Opera House, the Zwinger or the Brühl Terraces on the Elbe can without a doubt compete with the most beautiful cities in the world. In the surrounding area between Meissen and Pirna, between wine and sandstone, life can also be enjoyed in a princely way.

Day trip Harz Mountains

A day trip to the Harz Mountains is rarely accompanied by sunshine. The rugged landscape is home to only a few inhabitants. Legends and myths have accompanied them for centuries. Perhaps all this explains a bit the charm of the small mountains between Walkenried and Wernigerode. One wants to go there again and again.

Day trip Spreewald

In the Spreewald, all is still right with the world. Here you can let your soul dangle like the weeping willows their branches. The day trip to the Spreewald leads us to down-to-earth inhabitants with a sense of tradition. They have made themselves at home on the islands of the Spree delta and share them peacefully with over 8000 species of animals and plants.

Green Belt Day Trip

The day tour to the Green Belt leads to a secluded former border strip of the inner-German border. Here, nature has long been given time and space to develop undisturbed by traffic infrastructure. Even the small towns on the left and right of the border differ in their tranquility from the rest of the country.

Ore Mountains light tour

Every year between the end of November and the beginning of February, the people of the Erzgebirge decorate their houses with festive Christmas lights. This differs from the colorful Christmas flicker that prevails around the globe. You can find them in almost every window: arch of lights, poinsettia, miner, angel. During an evening trip to the Ore Mountains we will get in the mood for Christmas.

Ski tour Ore Mountains

The German-Czech Ore Mountains ridge around Fichtelberg and Boží Dar still belongs to the snow-sure low mountain ranges in Europe. In sparsely populated forest and open country areas there are up to 200km of groomed cross-country ski trails and numerous downhill runs at an altitude of 800m to 1215m for cross-country tours or alpine skiing. We bring you from the front door directly to the cross-country trail or downhill slope.

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